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Search Tips: You can enter a single word, words, and phrases enclosed in quotes in the search box

If you leave the search box empty or enter *, all items will be returned, subject to any restrictions you select

You can restrict the types of media you are interested in by clicking on one or many of the various types, You may thus request that only postcards are returned.

And you can restrict the category that will be searched by checking say Buildings & Houses , only items that relate to Buildings or Houses will be returned.

Note that single words are searched for on an exact match basis, so for instance "Scout" will not return anything with the word "scouts" in it.

You can search for part words by appending a * to the part word, e.g. scout*

Which will return items containing scout, scouts, scoutmaster, scouting etc

You can search for exact phrases by surrounding the phrase in quote marks, note only double quotes around the phrase work!

You can create complex searches that combine words and phrases that must exist (prefix by +) and words that must not exist (prefix by -)

So for example +scout -hut

Will return only items that have 'Scout' in them and do not have 'hut' in them

The search returns every Box, Folder, Envelope, Item description that contains the search term, and formats the search term thus

Note that searches are case insensitive!

Note also that downloading images can take a long time, patience requirred!

You can also restrict searches to specific media types and categories by checking the appropiate box, note that you don't need to restrict the search

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